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Enhancing EV Charging Efficiency with Winline Technology’s 30kW EV DC Charger Module

Discover the cutting-edge technology of Winline Technology‘s UXR100030B-30kW EV DC Charging Module, designed to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This module offers a range of features that enhance efficiency and reliability in EV charging systems.

Ultra-Wide Voltage Range for Versatile Charging

With an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, the UXR100030B-30kW module is suitable for various types of EVs, ensuring compatibility and versatility in charging solutions. Its ultra-high output power under 300V~1000V output voltage provides a constant 30KW output, meeting the power demands of different EV models.

Efficiency and Performance Optimization

The UXR100030B-30kW module operates efficiently in a full-power wide working temperature range of -40~55℃, ensuring consistent performance in various environmental conditions. Its full load working efficiency of ≥95.5% guarantees high efficiency across the entire working range, leading to energy savings and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the module’s design ensures ultra-low noise levels, enhancing the user experience during charging.

Certified Quality and Reliability

Winline Technology’s UXR100030B-30kW module has obtained CE and cTUVus certifications, meeting rigorous quality and safety standards. It also complies with ROHS requirements, underscoring its environmental friendliness. The module’s built-in residual voltage releasing circuit enhances reliability and reduces overall costs, making it a trusted choice for EV charging infrastructure.


As the demand for EV charging solutions continues to grow, Winline Technology’s UXR100030B-30kW 1000V DC Charging Module stands out as a reliable, efficient, and versatile option. Its innovative features and certifications ensure high performance and safety, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their EV charging capabilities.

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