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Vzense DS77:  3D ToF Cameras with Oustanding Precision

In the realm of cutting-edge 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, their company, Vzense, takes pride in introducing the Vzense DS77 series, a pinnacle of millimeter-accurate depth perception. As a leading force in ToF camera innovation, their DS77 stands out, delivering unmatched performance in diverse applications.

DS77 Highlights: Elevating Your 3D Perception Game

The DS77, available in Pro and Lite editions, features a Sony CW iToF sensor with a striking 640*480dpi resolution, ensuring millimeter accuracy in every capture. With a ToF frame rate capped at an impressive 25fps, this advanced camera captures the nuances of depth with unprecedented clarity.

Unraveling DS77’s Technological Marvels

Equipped with dual 940nm VCSEL emitters, the DS77 boasts a wide ToF field of view at 70°(H)*50°(V). It operates seamlessly in a range of 0.15m to 5m, making it a versatile choice for applications demanding precision within this span. The camera’s adaptability to changing light conditions further enhances its utility.

Power and Connectivity Redefined

DS77 Pro draws power from PoE+ or 12V24V DC, while DS77 Lite operates on 12V24V DC. Both models ensure robust physical connections through M12 Aviation Plugs and RJ45+DC Jack, respectively. The IP67 and IP42 ratings underscore the cameras’ durability and suitability for varied environments.

Versatility in Operating Systems and Platforms

The DS77 series offers exceptional compatibility with Windows, Linux, Arm Linux, ROS1, and ROS2, ensuring flexibility and effortless integration. Developers can take advantage of the software development kits (SDKs) available in C/C++, Python, and C#, which enable smooth implementation across a wide range of platforms. This comprehensive support guarantees a seamless and hassle-free experience when incorporating the DS77 cameras into various projects.

Unlocking Economic Benefits with DS77

Vzense’s DS77 series of 3D ToF cameras delivers millimeter-accurate depth perception and exceptional performance. With dual VCSEL emitters, wide field of view, and compatibility with different operating systems, these cameras offer versatility and seamless integration. The DS77 series redefines power and connectivity while providing precise depth details for a range of applications.

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