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Done Power PLS Series: Empowering Plant Growth with Advanced LED Drivers

Introducing the Done Power PLS Series, an innovative lineup of lighting drivers engineered to revolutionize plantation lighting. These cutting-edge LED drivers are meticulously designed to empower plant growth in diverse cultivation environments, offering a wide range of power coverage options and incorporating a multitude of advanced features. With their tailored design, the Done Power PLS Series LED drivers provide customized lighting solutions that not only maximize yields but also enhance plant growth. Let’s delve into the remarkable capabilities of LED driver in lighting and discover how they are reshaping the future of plantation illumination.

Tailored Power Coverage for Optimal Plantation Lighting

The Done Power PLS Series offers a wide range of power cover options, including 320W, 400W, 500W, 680W, 800W, 960W, and 1200W. This extensive selection allows you to choose the ideal power coverage that aligns with the specific requirements of your plantation lighting. By customizing the lighting setup, you can provide the optimal light intensity and spectrum necessary for different plant species, growth stages, and cultivation environments. With the Done Power PLS Series, you can enhance plant growth, promote healthy development, and maximize yields.

Cutting-Edge Features and Certifications for Plantation Lighting

The Done Power PLS Series incorporates a range of cutting-edge features and holds essential certifications to ensure exceptional performance and reliability in plantation lighting applications. The non-isolated plant lighting LED driver is specifically designed to support efficient plant growth. With an exceptional efficiency rating of up to 97%, these LED drivers offer significant energy savings while delivering the necessary light output for optimal plant development.

The LED drivers feature a high power factor (PF) of ≥0.98, ensuring efficient power utilization and reducing wastage. Additionally, the drivers maintain a low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 10% at 230Vac, minimizing interference and maintaining high-quality power delivery to the lighting system.

The LED drivers are built to withstand the demands of plantation environments, featuring an IP67 protection level against water ingress. This durability makes them ideal for use in greenhouse and indoor farming applications. Furthermore, the drivers offer surge protection of 4/6KV, safeguarding against voltage spikes and ensuring the longevity of the lighting system.


In summary, the Done Power PLS Series offers advanced LED drivers that empower plant growth through tailored power coverage options and cutting-edge features. With outstanding efficiency, high power factor, low harmonic distortion, and essential certifications, these LED drivers provide reliable and efficient performance for plantation lighting applications. Experience the remarkable capabilities of the Done Power PLS Series and unlock the full potential of your plant cultivation endeavors.

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