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Unleashing Power and Reliability: HyperStrong’s HyperCube R372 Battery Storage Cabinet

HyperStrong, a renowned provider of advanced energy storage solutions, introduces its state-of-the-art battery storage cabinet, the HyperCube R372. Designed for outdoor installations, this liquid-cooling cabinet sets a new standard for power and reliability in the energy storage industry. In this article, we delve into the key specifications and features of HyperStrong’s battery storage cabinet, showcasing its impressive energy capacity, robust design, and compliance with industry certifications.

High Energy Capacity and Power Output

HyperStrong’s HyperCube R372, featuring the HSL2C200-0373 model, offers an impressive rated energy capacity of 372.7 kWh, making it suitable for diverse applications ranging from residential backups to large-scale commercial installations. Equipped with the reliable LFP-280Ah battery cell, known for its exceptional performance and safety, the cabinet operates at a rated voltage of 1331.2 V d.c., with an operating voltage range of 1040~1500 V d.c. This ensures compatibility with various grid configurations. With a rated power of 186 kW and a maximum efficiency of 0.95, the HyperCube R372 delivers robust power output, facilitating efficient energy distribution and utilization.

Rugged Design and Environmental Adaptability

HyperStrong’s battery storage cabinet thrives in demanding outdoor environments. With an IP67 rating for the pack and an IP55 rating for the container, the cabinet showcases its resilience against dust and water, making it ideal for outdoor installations in various weather conditions. Operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, the HyperCube R372 ensures consistent performance and reliability, delivering a reliable power supply in scorching heat or freezing cold. Additionally, its suitability for installations at altitudes up to 4000 m expands its usability across diverse geographical locations.

Efficient Cooling and Safety Certifications

HyperStrong’s battery storage cabinet features smart liquid cooling technology for efficient thermal management, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity. This advanced cooling system safeguards against overheating and maintains consistent power delivery. Moreover, the HyperCube R372 has acquired industry certifications such as UN38.3, UL1973, UL9540, UL9540A, IEC62477, IEC62619, IEC61000, and IEC63056, affirming its adherence to rigorous safety and performance standards. Users can rely on the cabinet’s high quality and reliability, backed by these certifications.


HyperStrong’s battery storage cabinet, the HyperCube R372, redefines power and reliability in the energy storage industry. With its impressive energy capacity, robust design, efficient cooling system, and compliance with industry certifications, the cabinet offers a dependable solution for a wide range of energy storage applications. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, the HyperCube R372 empowers users with a reliable power supply, adaptability to diverse environments, and peace of mind knowing that they have a high-quality and safe energy storage solution at their disposal.

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