What is Odds Release? Things to Note When Performing Bet Release Operations

Pay off bets is a popular term in the soccer betting community, especially among experienced players. However, for gamers who are just starting out, this may be a strange concept. If you are new and want to understand how to make soccer bets, please refer to the article below!
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What is bet release?

This is a form of bettingfootball sports In particular, allowing players the ability to withdraw all or part of the bet or winning amount before the match ends. The amount of money a player can receive when using the bet release feature will depend directly on the current odds. This feature can be applied in two different specific cases as follows:

Release the winning bet

Bookmakers will set the odds based on their assessment of your chances of winning. In case the bookmaker judges that you have a high chance of winning, they will recommend odds and can buy back your bet slip for between 70% and 90% of the original bet amount, or even keep the bet price unchanged. If the player wins, only the odds at the time the bet was released will be calculated.

So why do players accept to release bets at lower odds when they win? It could be because they are aware of a change in the situation or because of many other reasons. Regardless of the reason, the house still allows players to release their bets and requires them to comply with the established rules to withdraw their bets.

Let go of the losing bet

When you realize that there is a possibility of losing the match, rolling the bet is considered the most effective method to recover part of the original bet amount. If the outcome of the match is not as initially predicted, applying a bet-out strategy is a wise choice. On the contrary, when winning, the amount received will be calculated based on the payout odds (the part of the money you have not withdrawn or cannot withdraw).

For those who are facing a losing situation, it also becomes important to withdraw some of the remaining capital. This service is provided by bookmakers with a large number of members and is popular mainly due to its feasibility.

The advantages and disadvantages of betting in football you should know

Odds release is a new feature that is most popular with bettors today. However, this operation also comes with some specific advantages and disadvantages as follows:


Clearing bets in football offers certain advantages and points to consider. If you are interested in protecting your investment capital, then participating in betting is the most suitable choice. There are important advantages:

  • Control the bet amount: Clearing the bet helps you control the bet amount, minimizing risks in case you lose the bet. This way, you can manage your personal finances with confidence and make more considered decisions.
  • Save time: Participating in betting helps you save time, you don’t need to watch the whole match to know the results.
  • Fast payout: You can pay your bet immediately upon release and move on to other matches to find new winning opportunities.


However, it should also be noted that letting go also brings limitations that need to be considered:

  • Requires a sharp mind: To participate successfully in the lottery, players need to have the ability to be sensitive in evaluating the betting market. The flush rate will change continuously throughout the match. Deciding when to participate is important, as it affects the amount of bets you can receive.
  • Smaller winning amount: If you win after participating in the draw, the amount received will be much less than if you win without participating in the draw before.

Some notes when participating in betting on football for gamers

To be successful in releasing soccer bets, players need to pay attention to the following important points:
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  • Stay calm and alert to analyze the situation and make decisions on good bets that can bring victory.
  • Monitor and capture all developments of the match to have an overview of the situation.
  • Note that the opposing team can stay proactive in the second half and consider whether to apply the betting method or not.
  • Pay special attention to external factors that can affect the match and the situation of the players on the field.
  • Reconsider the decision to release based on the fluctuation of the odds in which direction on the house.
  • Avoid selecting all matches to reduce risk and optimize betting strategy.


Posts New88 has provided detailed instructions on how to release bets in the field of soccer betting. Please focus on honing your skills and developing your sensitivity so you can make the correct decision about this, as well as choose the most suitable time to do it!

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