Here are the most common car issues during winter

Winter is here and it can be more challenging to drive a car in winter than in warmer months. You are likely aware of the difficulties that winter driving can present. It’s harder to see the details in the dark sky, so you will need to spend more time before driving to de-ice your windscreen. There are also safety precautions that must be taken when driving in snowy and icy conditions.

You may not know that there are many things that can happen to your car in the coldest season. There are many things that could happen to your car in winter, such as batteries draining faster or locking you out after a cold night. These are all things that would not normally affect you in summer. We will be discussing the most common winter problems car owners should expect.

Winter Common Car Issues

Dead batteries

Car batteries lose more power as the temperature drops. This is because the chemical reaction within the battery changes. Winter weather can cause your car’s battery to wear out faster than in warmer months. This is because more power is required to start the engine during colder months.

Your tyre labels will become less accurate as the temperature drops. For every -10degC drop in temperature, tyres lose approximately one to two pounds per inch. Under-inflated tires don’t perform well in cold weather and can cause dangerous driving. It’s important to regularly check your winter tyre pressure throughout the year.

Frozen Locks

Many drivers find themselves locked out their cars in cold weather. This occurs when the lock is soaked in rain, hail, snow or other extreme weather. The water then freezes. It is easy to melt the ice, and then open the door again by having de-icer handy. Due to its high alcohol or ethanol content, you can also use hand sanitizer if de-icer is not available.

Thickened Fluids

The cold weather can cause fluids such as brake and transmission fluids to thicken. This can reduce the vehicle’s power and damage its internal components. Leakage of fluids can also cause serious problems such as transmission failure. You may need to evaluate your financial situation first before consulting a trusted mechanic if this happens.

Failed Spark plugs

Winter driving can be dangerous for many drivers. Spark plugs and engines require more monitoring and maintenance when temperatures drop. Older plugs are more susceptible to corrosion, which can lead to their inability to function well in cold weather. Replace any cracked, worn or broken spark plugs.

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