What is the card game New88? The most effective way to play cards

Bai Chan is one of the ways to play cards that is very popular and chosen by many Vietnamese people when entertaining. In fact, playing the card game is not too difficult. To better understand the rules of the game and how to play Chan in detail, we invite you to follow the information on how to play Chan through our article. New88 Here you go!
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Some details about the card game Vbet

Card game Originating from China and gradually popular in Vietnam since the 19th century, this is an extremely unique card game. This game is also known as “Tu Tam” – roughly translated as “Putting together 3 things”, paired together through 3 rows of cards: Van, Van and Book in that deck.

Bai Chan is certainly a familiar name to many people, because this is an exquisite hobby of gentlemen since historical times. Today, this game still attracts the attention of men and adults. However, for young men or women, they often rarely participate in this subject. The majority of those players are older people and middle-aged men.

Instructions for playing card games for beginners

The gameplay of this game is also quite simple, anyone can experience it after a short time of getting used to it. You can refer to the following:

New88 card game rules

New88 Chan game currently has many different rules depending on the locality. However, here are some pretty basic rules so you can start betting:

  • Number of players: The game is usually played with a maximum of 4 people.
  • Use a deck of 52 cards.
  • Scoring method: Each card will be scored according to its value, except that card 2 and card 3 will be counted as 10 points, and card 1 will be counted as 1 point. The total score of each bettor is 13 points.
  • Dealing cards: The cards will be dealt with 13 cards for each member.
  • How to play cards: Members will start playing cards by showing a card from their hand. The next player must play a card with a different value higher or lower than the previous card. If the player cannot play a card, he or she must receive more cards and pass the turn to the next player.
  • Special cards: In the New88 Chan game, there are some special cards such as Chan, Tu Quy, Tam Hoa, Thap Phan or Hoang Gia. If there is a special card in your hand, you can create a Block point by playing all the special cards in hand.

The move in the block card

The cards mean beautiful, rare cards and blocking cards and these cards will be converted into points to start calculating the bonus for the Ã. When the player Ð, will have to announce the odds in the card to calculate points. The higher the number of bets, the higher the bonus. In particular, for a bet to be considered valid, players at New88.men will have to read the bet correctly and in full.

In New88’s Chan card game, the bet is similar to the actual Chan card game. There are bets such as: Down, Pine, Lead, Thien U, Chiu, Thien Thai, Tap Thanh, Bach Dinh, Red Apple, Handicap, Shrimp, White Hand, Flowers Falling at Buddha’s Door, Pupil Picking Flowers, Fish Swimming Yard Dinh, Fish Jumping at the Head of the Boat, White Hand, Sutra of the Four Limbs, Fisherman Catching Fish and Building, Car, Flowers Falling to Buddha’s Door.

How to bet on card game at New88

  • Step 1: First, players need to access the New88 game portal using the link New88.men or can download the application to their mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Next, click on the Register/Login box to create or log in to a personal account.
  • Step 3: After that, members should go to the “Card Games” category => scroll to the right, click on “Card” to participate.
  • Step 4: After 5 seconds of being provided with the game by the system, the game tables will appear. At this time, you can choose the table with the odds you want the most and experience it.

Pocket tips for betting and playing sure that are unique

When playing card games online, it is extremely necessary for members to learn about betting tips shared by experts. Therefore, next we will learn with you about the experience of playing Chan online
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  • During the game of Chan, your opponents will be other members, not the dealer. Choosing an opponent that matches your experience will be very important, to have a chance of winning.
  • Before you start playing, you need to know how to determine your strategy to deal with different situations in Chac game. Players can refer to Chan playing strategies or learn from experienced players.
  • If you only defend and do not attack your opponent, your chances of winning will be greatly reduced. Therefore, take the initiative to attack, put pressure on your opponent and gain the advantage.


So, above we have shared with you extremely effective betting tips when playing Chan cards at New88. If you want to participate in the experience, you can click on New88.men to bet now.

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