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Waterproof Alternator from EvoTec Power: Unleashing Reliability at Sea

EvoTec Power, a prominent player in the power generation industry, prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Among their impressive lineup is the TCM188 Series Marine Generator, a compact and waterproof alternator designed specifically for marine applications. With the addition of marine varnish, this series ensures reliable performance even in the harshest marine environments, making it an ideal choice for various marine vessels.

Waterproof Design for Marine Environments

The TCM188 series marine generators from EvoTec Power are equipped with a waterproof alternator, allowing them to thrive in the challenging conditions encountered at sea.  By incorporating marine varnish into the basic alternator design, these generators gain moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties. This ensures the longevity of the alternator, protecting it from the corrosive effects of saltwater and maintaining its performance integrity.

Compact Size with High Efficiency

Despite its smaller power range of 20-37.5kVA, the TCM188 series marine generators exhibit the same high-efficiency characteristics as larger EvoTec Power generators. These compact generators are designed to maximize operating efficiency and response speed, ensuring a reliable power supply for marine applications. Whether it’s powering essential equipment onboard a ship or supporting auxiliary systems, the TCM188 series delivers efficient and responsive performance.

Unmatched Advantages

EvoTec Power’s TCM188 series stands out among other marine generators due to its numerous advantages. The addition of marine varnish to the alternator guarantees moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties, providing protection and increasing the generator’s longevity. With an extensive patent portfolio of 40 design patents and 3 appearance patents, EvoTec Power showcases its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions. The TCM188 series also offers an extended warranty period of 24 months, giving customers added peace of mind and confidence in their investment. Furthermore, EvoTec Power’s dedication to using quality materials from reputable public-listed companies ensures their generators meet the highest standards of reliability and excellence.


EvoTec Power’s TCM188 Series Marine Generator with its waterproof alternator is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing reliable power solutions for marine applications. With its compact size, high efficiency, and additional marine varnish, this series offers superior protection against the harsh marine environment, ensuring uninterrupted power supply on various marine vessels. EvoTec Power’s commitment to innovation, extensive patent portfolio, extended warranty, and use of high-quality materials further reinforce their position as a trusted provider of marine generators. Choose EvoTec Power’s TCM188 series for reliable and efficient power generation at sea.

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