The World’s Most Expensive Phones 2020

This is the latest list of most expensive phones worldwide in 2020. No matter what mobile you use, do you know which mobile is the most expensive in the world? The complete list can be found in Expensive mobile phone.

The most expensive smartphone and mobile phone in the world

Over the past few years, mobile phones have advanced significantly. Many of us can recall large, bulky texts that were difficult to fit in our pockets. A new wave in technology is now available all around the globe. We are grateful to you for creating a smartphone that can perform the same functions as 30 years ago.

The industry has billions of dollars to help develop new technologies, which technology companies quickly discovered. The mobile phone has quickly become an essential tool for everyday business transactions and contact.

They demand the best, so we present the list of seven most expensive mobile phones.

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond-(95.5 M)

iPhone 6 Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond ,that phone is the most expensive mobile phone ever made. It costs about 100 billion won in Hanwha. The ransom is 50% of the purchase price. You can opt for a blue or orange diamond as jewelry instead of a pink one.

Stuart Hughes’s Black Diamond iPhone 5 (15.3 M)

Stuart Hughes’ Black Diamond iPhone 5 has 600 tiny diamonds along its sides and sapphire crystal in the liquid. The back of the iPhone is made from 24k gold. The home button, which is 26-carats in weight, has the most striking feature.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition-$8 M

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is currently the third-most expensive phone ever produced. This phone is not so costly because of its technology. It all comes down to precious metals and jewellery.

This highly personalized phone is made from rose gold and has many bezels. It has 500 diamonds. It is made of flawless stones, which greatly increases its value. This smartphone comes with a gold back. The unique Apple logo is in rose gold and 53 flawless diamonds are engraved on it.

iPhone Supreme Goldstriker Phone 3G-($3.2 M)

The iPhone 3G Supreme Gold Striker iPhone 3G The fourth most expensive smartphone ever manufactured is the iPhone 3G. It has a price tag of $ 320,000,000. Stuart Hughes designed this phone. We made sure it was a high-end accessory as well.

This extraordinary masterpiece is both a marvel of craftsmanship and a functional communication device. This example is made from very rare Kashmiri gold. This phone is F-grade and has 136 diamonds. This precious gem is 271g in weight and 22 carats heavy.

To complete the high-end jewel phone’s character, a 7.1-carat-tall diamond was also placed on the home button.

This is a serious problem with our iPhone and we are trying to fix it. You can also use Find My iPhone on another device such as your computer. One of the most prominent features of iOS 15 is its ability to hide IP addresses from iPhone. Second, you can erase remote data.

Phone Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6 ($2.7M)

iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond ,this product has diamonds on both the sides and back. There are 6,000 diamonds in this collection. Two months is required to rewrite a document. The longer the number of gemstones used, the more time it takes. The main feature of the Apple logo is now the back filled with diamonds.

iPhone 3G King’s Button – ($2.4 M)

The iPhone3G King button is currently the sixth-most expensive phone, at $ 2.4million. The Apple iPhone is expensive. But what makes it so special? Peter Allison realized that there was more to this phone than he had thought. He started with three gold materials, and then began to create a true glare.

This phone is made from 18-carat yellow gold. It was a good start but it is not enough. He also added 138 of sharpest-cut diamonds.

To complete the sophisticated look of this high-end, expensive phone, a 6.6-carat diamond was added to the home button.

GoldVish Le Million-($1.3 M)

Although GoldVish Le Million is seventh in price, it’s still the most expensive phone ever manufactured. This phone is stunning in appearance. The entire phone is made from 18-carat Gold. The screen is the only area that isn’t covered in diamonds.

The phone’s exterior is embellished with a 120-carat diamond cradle. The phone was purchased at a fair for millionaires. A Russian businessman brought it up because of its high-dollar appeal. Visit Naasongs to find out more information

Diamond Crypto Phone-($1.3M)

Smartphone with Diamond encryption. 8th place with Diamond Crypto smartphones. This is similar to the Vichy Remilion, which costs $ 1.3million Gold / Vichy Remilion. Russian company JSCAncort is the designer of this elegant beauty.

It is a state of the art smartphone that protects kidnappings and threats to technology.

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