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The Top 10 Most Secured Houses

The most secure houses in the entire world. Which house is the most secure in the world? What are the reasons people need safe houses to live?

People fear being famous for their porkies. Fame comes with a price. You are no longer anonymous, your life is at risk, and everyone can spy on you. You must ensure that your building is protected from any illegal intruders once you have built it.

Ten of the most guarded homes in the world.

Field Manor (Most Secure Homes)

Hamptons is the preferred place for the wealthy to spend their holiday. Here they spend all of their money. They should also take safety precautions. Ellard, a billionaire, owns Feld Manor, which is one of the most secure homes in the region.

It is the most expensive property in America, with a value of $ 200 million. Leonard collected art and most of his favorite works were displayed around his estate.

The property’s front door is equipped with high-tech security cameras to ensure that the most valuable paintings, worth approximately $ 500 million, are protected. High-tech security means only the invited can step foot on the ground or build.

It boasts bulletproof windows and sufficient security cameras to make intruders think twice about entering. Elleranard takes great care to ensure the safety of his 21 bedrooms. This is a large investment for him.

Zombie Bunkers (Most Secure Houses)

While the end of the zombie is not yet here, there are some people who seem ready. A zombie bunker is a fort that will house a zombie fort if it decides to overthrow the world. The entire London house was constructed with concrete and movable walls. It was supported by thick iron sheets. Zombie House is considered the safest house in the world.

Even windows were supported by concrete slabs. The only way to exit and enter the building is via a suspension bridge. You may need to practice before you go outside. This clearly shows that the architect is not threatening our safety from every angle. Although the building isn’t beautiful, who can look at beauty when there are zombies? You know what you should do!

Bill Gates (Most Secure Homes)

Bill Gates appears to be humble and friendly, but that doesn’t mean you can sneak into his home whenever you like. Because it is owned by software engineers, it is considered one of the most valuable properties in the world. We predict that this building will become a high-tech building. His house is surrounded with trees and plantations to control electricity costs. These trees and plantations also provide privacy for hidden photographers and paparazzi.

He has heat detectors and cameras that can detect any intruders from up to a mile away. Visitors must wear a pin to control heating and electrical equipment in the house. He lives in one the most secure houses in history, it is clear.

Kardashian’s Home

It is no secret that Paris and the Kardashians are hated. Kim Kardashian has bolstered her security everywhere she travels. She also increased security around her home after firing Pascal Duville, her bodyguard.

The area had strong background checks, and only the best security personnel were hired. No one can enter the property without approval from security personnel.

Instead of riding in a car she had dozens of cars out front, which she would then follow to make sure that no one was following her. This property is also protected by hidden cameras and motion detectors. Rumours suggest that there may be a safe room in the house that can protect it from any kind of danger.

Supreme Security Apartments

Although the name of the building may not be as extravagant as it appears, it is still worthy of its name. This is the highest security apartment in Evergreen. It is extremely well protected. The property covers more than 32 acres and has a $ 6 Million security system. This is a home unlike any other.

This house’s best feature is the fact that anyone can view it from any Apple phone. Only the login information and consent from the security team are required.

The property boasts a stunning thermal image. Any traces left can easily be identified and checked within 20 minutes. The house is well-censored and speaks for itself. Let everyone know about the flooding in the bathroom and the fire in kitchen.

Kobe Family Homes

The Kobe Family House, Hollywood Hills, California, is well-known for its high prices and excessive safety. Biometric software and earthquake prevention technology protect the millionaires who live on the property. In the United States, earthquake-resistant homes are quite common.

These “brothers”, who were able to bury their house underground if a strike occurs naturally, can also be buried 30 feet below the ground. The house can withstand chemical and nuclear attacks as well as man-made ones.

This underground bunker provides enough food and drink to last the family for six more months. They don’t need a cellphone to call the police if they are intruders. They can see all of the house with their CCTV cameras and can control the impressive fog to deter thieves.

Dragon Song House

Perhaps you are thinking that a country such as North Korea would require a security system. A country known for its fear. You could face the death penalty if you wear only blue jeans. Longge’s residence, which was in the north of North Korea, was where the royal family lived until now.

The palace has the advantage of being in the most mysterious and deadliest country. It also boasts an impressive interior that is said to be the most secure place on Earth.

Kim Jong Un has done all he can for his national security. The house is surrounded with electric fences, minefields, and armed guards. Iron rods protect the walls, while concrete is covered with lead to resist nuclear explosions.

The house can be connected to other royal residences in case of disaster or rapid escape. These are also known as secret underground tunnels. Even if intruders broke through the guards and gates, they could still be accessed. God only knew what chemicals were in the air at the time the alarm went off.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a tourist attraction in London. However, it is also the most secure place in the kingdom and the world. The police closed some roads surrounding the palace to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Since Michael Fegan, a man named Michael Fegan, climbed up the building to look around, security precautions have been tightened.

You might have seen the famous guards change posts if you were there. Guards carried a ring so that no guard could sleep in his eyes during night calm. The system works as follows: Guard B, Guard B Calls Guardian C, then Guard D and the ringtone covers the entire property throughout the night.

White House

Did you know Donald Trump is the most secure president in the world? The White House has all of the security measures that you can think of.

The iron fence surrounding the White House is not unusual. It can still maintain any internal or external influence on any car that you can imagine.

To ensure only friendly visitors are allowed through the gate, there is a dedicated agent who watches over it at all times. Food scanning was done on-site, which was quite impressive.

Also, the White House controls airspace so that helicopters can’t be too close to it. Bullet-proof windows, radar and infrared sensors are also installed at the White House. These sensors can detect movement from any distance outside the house.

Kronstadt Fort Alexander

Russian behavior can be unpredictable. It was constructed to protect Russia’s St. Petersburg from those who do not want it. You cannot also access its property. Nearly 40 forts are located nearby. Kronstadt Fort Alexandria, however, is the most secure.

Despite numerous attempts to occupy the fort in vain, many people have stopped worrying about it since the fort is too safe.

The army placed 12-meter-long piles that reached the ocean and strengthened the house’s roof. The entire security system ends here. There are 5535 piles that can’t be thrown away. These piles are more difficult to destroy because they have many layers.

Even though you can walk through it, the first layer of sand is the concrete layer, followed by the granite layer. It has been abandoned, but this is not a good idea.

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