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Revolutionizing Proximity Detection: Benewake’s TFmini Plus LiDAR

By utilizing Benewake’s inventive spirit, the low cost lidar sensor distinguishes itself as a revolutionary advancement in proximity detection technology. This compact LiDAR sensor embodies a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the TFmini, enhancing various performance metrics crucial for real-world applications. From its robust design to heightened accuracy, the TFmini Plus has set a new standard for short-range detection solutions.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

The TFmini Plus leverages technological enhancements to offer unprecedented performance. This sensor significantly reduces the blind zone to just 10cm, while the frame rate skyrockets to 1000Hz, allowing for faster and more reliable data collection. Furthermore, it operates within a range of 0.1m to 12m, suitable for a variety of environments. The optimized power consumption, a mere 85mW, ensures that it maintains efficiency without sacrificing functionality. Benewake‘s commitment to innovation is evident in these advancements, making the TFmini Plus a prime example of high-quality engineering.


The low cost lidar sensor represents a significant stride forward in the field of LiDAR technology. It embodies the synthesis of compact design, enhanced performance, and robust durability, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient proximity detection solutions. With its broad range of applications and improved specifications, the TFmini Plus is set to transform industries, ensuring safer and more intelligent systems worldwide. As Benewake continues to innovate and lead in LiDAR technology, the TFmini Plus stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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