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Londian’s Cutting-Edge Solution: The LDT302 Three-Phase Electric Meter

Londian’s LDT302 3 phase electric meter stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in energy monitoring technology. With its high-precision design and versatile communication capabilities, this meter offers stable and accurate measurement functions, making it an indispensable tool for industrial and substation applications.

Main Parameters

The LDT302 electricity 3 phase meter is engineered to deliver precise measurements across a wide range of electrical conditions. Featuring a voltage reference ranging from 3100V to 3240V and an operational range of 0.7Un-1.3Un, it ensures compatibility and accuracy in diverse settings. With a current range of 1*(10)A and measurement accuracy rated at Class 0.2S/0.5S/1.0 for active energy and Class B/C for reactive energy, the LDT302 guarantees reliable monitoring and billing.

Key Features

Londian’s LDT302 electricity 3 phase meter boasts a host of advanced features designed to meet the evolving needs of energy monitoring applications. With options for CT or CT/PT connection and an optional auxiliary power supply, it offers flexibility and adaptability to various setups. The meter’s ultra-wide voltage range and optional neutral sensor further enhance its compatibility and precision. Additionally, multiple anti-tamper mechanisms, including load unbalance detection, covers open detection, magnetic field detection, and neutral detection, ensure data integrity and security. The inclusion of communication interfaces such as Infrared, RS485, M-Bus (Optional), cellular, PLC, 2.4G, or SUB 1G wireless enables seamless connectivity for data retrieval. Other notable features include internal/external relay control, exchangeable battery options, and DLMS conformance, guaranteeing interoperability and reliability.


In conclusion, Londian‘s LDT302 3 phase electric meter sets a new standard in energy monitoring technology. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the LDT302 offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Experience enhanced energy monitoring capabilities and seamless integration with Londian’s LDT302 electricity 3 phase meter, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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