Hydrants are essential for water flow to firefighters

A fire department’s ability to quickly flow water from a Hydrant is critical for its success in dousing flames and saving lives and property.

Firefighters have high levels of training. Their trucks, hoses and other equipment should be in top condition so they can immediately use them.

Fire departments in cities and other communities rely on hydrants for their water supply. To ensure a reliable and working fire suppression system, it is important to check water pressure using fire hydrant flow testing practices.

A hydrant is sometimes known as a “fireplug” and connects to pipes in the main water supply system.

A hydrant is usually placed on a sidewalk as a silent sendry until firefighters attach a hose. Crews can then spray pressurized water onto the fire after the valve has been opened. The water flow rate will affect the effectiveness of firefighters in reaching and putting out flames.

Although a hydrant might not be used for many years to put out fires, it should be available every day for firefighting service.

Maintenance Plans

There are many testing procedures and practices that municipalities and utilities have to follow. Communities with fire hydrants should seek out a professional service that deals with inspections and testing to ensure best practices and a properly functioning equipment.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, flow testing public fire hydrants should be done every five years. According to the NFPA 291 “Recommended Practice For Fire Flow Testing And Marking of Hydrants”, flushing should be performed at least once a year.

Exterior Damages

Check for vandalism on hydrants that are often painted yellow or red. To maintain access by firefighters, “No Parking” signs are placed near hydrants. However, this doesn’t prevent them from being struck by cars.

Firefighting efforts can be hampered by damaged or disabled fire-hydrants. Crews might use tankers to transport water from another location in such cases. This time-consuming process could lead to property or life loss.

Fire crews in areas that experience harsh winters may have to deal with frozen equipment such as fire hydrants. It is a good idea to inspect hydrants for weather-related damage in spring.

Reliable Equipment

Crew members go through intense physical training in order to be able to firefight. They learn how fire travels and how to work together. They learn skills through simulated emergencies. This practice and maintenance of equipment are two avenues to preparedness.

Private or public ownership of fire hydrants is possible. No matter who owns them, fire hydrants should be maintained and inspected in order to ensure that they are ready to respond when an alarm sounds.

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