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Hanshow’s Price Tags: Elevating the Retail Experience for Retailers

Leading supplier of electronic shelf labels and digital price tags, Hanshow unveiled a revolutionary product range meant to empower merchants. Hanshow’s price tags for retail store revolutionize the retail experience with their remarkable features and characteristics, allowing businesses to prosper in the fast-paced market of today.

Crystal Clear Visuals for Enhanced Impact

Featuring a large 5.83-inch display with a resolution of 648 x 480 pixels, the Nebular583 delivers stunning visuals and sharp text. With a DPI of 138, pricing and product information are presented with exceptional clarity, ensuring customers can easily read and comprehend the details. The BWR (Black, White, and Red) display color combination adds a touch of sophistication and draws attention to important information.

Seamless Connectivity and Versatile Functionality

The Nebular583 is equipped with NFC technology, enabling seamless communication between the price tags and compatible devices.  This opens up endless possibilities for retailers, including real-time price updates, inventory management, and personalized promotions.  Retailers can create interactive experiences for customers, fostering engagement and driving sales.

Efficiency and Flexibility for Streamlined Operations

With support for eight pages, the Nebular583 allows retailers to display a wide range of information, such as pricing variations, product features, and customer reviews, all in one device. The LED flash feature, with support for seven colors, adds vibrancy and visual appeal to product displays, capturing customers’ attention and creating a captivating shopping environment.


Hanshow‘s price tags for retail stores redefine the way retailers operate, offering enhanced efficiency, seamless connectivity, and captivating visual displays. By choosing Hanshow’s innovative solutions, retailers can embrace technological advancements and stand out in the competitive retail landscape, driving success and growth in their businesses.

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