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Effortless Outdoor Lighting Control with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer by BN-LINK is the ultimate solution for effortless control over your outdoor lighting. Equipped with smart photocell technology, this timer senses dusk/darkness and automatically turns on/off your lights, providing convenience and energy efficiency. Whether you need to illuminate your yard, patio, or holiday decorations, the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer is the perfect companion for all your outdoor lighting needs.

Choose Your Preferred Schedule

Customize your outdoor lighting schedule with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. Choose from a range of scheduling options, including dusk-dawn, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours after dusk. Simply plug in your lights, turn the dial or use the remote to set the desired schedule, and let the timer do the work for you. With this wireless outlet, you have full control over when your outdoor lights turn on and off, providing convenience and flexibility.

Enhanced Convenience and Versatility

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer features a 6-inch cord and 3 grounded outlets, allowing you to power multiple lights or devices simultaneously. The remote signals of this photoelectric outdoor timer can even travel through walls of up to 100 ft thick, providing convenience and flexibility in controlling your outdoor lighting from a distance. With the ability to control three outlets together, not independently, you can easily synchronize your outdoor lighting setup for a cohesive and stunning display.

Effortless and Reliable Operation

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering to turn off your outdoor lights with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. The automatic and repeating settings ensure that your lights will turn on and off according to your preferred schedule, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Whether you want to run a porch light only when it gets dark or keep your holiday lights on for a specific duration, this timer has you covered. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your outdoor lights will always be illuminated when needed.


The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer offers effortless control and automation for your outdoor lighting needs. With its smart photocell technology, customizable scheduling options, and convenient wireless control, this timer is the ideal solution for illuminating your yard, patio, or holiday decorations. Experience convenience, versatility, and energy efficiency with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer, the perfect companion for your outdoor lighting setup.

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