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E-commerce Warehousing Efficiency with Youibot’s AT100 Automatic Trolley

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, streamlined order fulfillment is paramount for success. Youibot, one of the leading AMR manufacturers, presents the AT100 Automatic Trolley, a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate e-commerce warehouse automation to new heights. Let’s explore how the AT100 enhances order picking rates, accuracy, and operational flexibility for retailers, setting a new standard in automated picking solutions.

Enhanced Order Picking Efficiency

The Youibot AT100 Automatic Trolley serves as the cornerstone of e-commerce warehouse automation, significantly boosting order picking rates by up to 3x. Its assisted picking capabilities streamline the fulfillment process, ensuring swift and accurate order processing. With a staggering 99.9% picking accuracy, the AT100 empowers retailers to meet customer expectations while minimizing errors and returns.

Flexible Automated Picking Solution

As one of the leading AMR manufacturers, Youibot offers retailers a flexible automated picking solution with the AT100, requiring zero infrastructure changes or operational downtime. Its mobile design enables seamless navigation within warehouse environments, adapting to evolving layouts and operational requirements. Retailers can effortlessly scale their automated picking operations, maximizing efficiency without disrupting ongoing warehouse activities.

Tailored Hardware and Software Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of every warehouse operation, Youibot provides retailers with tailored hardware and software solutions through the AT100. With a rapid go-alive time of 2-4 weeks, retailers can swiftly integrate the AT100 into their existing workflows, minimizing implementation delays and maximizing ROI. Whether adjusting payload capacities or fine-tuning software algorithms, the AT100 ensures a bespoke solution for every client.


Youibot’s AT100 Automatic Trolley elevates e-commerce warehouse automation, offering retailers a seamless path to enhanced order picking efficiency, accuracy, and operational flexibility. As one of the leading AMR manufacturers, Youibot sets a new standard in automated picking solutions, empowering retailers to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Embrace the future of order picking with Youibot’s AT100 and unlock unparalleled efficiency in e-commerce warehousing operations.

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