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10 Ways to Dress Windows with Blinds and Shutters

If you don’t know how to dress your plain-looking windows, you can always go for excellent blinds and shutters. Besides providing lovely aesthetics to your windows, using blinds and shutters is a great way of blocking sunlight to insulate your room. In addition, these items can also exceptionally provide your room with extra privacy as needed.

Overall, blinds and shutters are neat items that offer amazing functionality and aesthetics in your home. Whether you’re looking for classic chic shutters or stylish wood blinds, there are various choices for you to choose from based on your preferences. Now, if you still can’t find enough inspiration to decorate your windows with these items, here are ten ways you can dress your windows with blinds and shutters below.

10 Ways to Dress Windows with Blinds and Shutters

1. Vertical White Blinds as a Timeless Choice

Of course, you can never go wrong with classic white blinds. After all, they’re a timeless choice, and their white colour does a wonderful job in reflecting sunlight away from your spaces. Moreover, you can opt for vertical white blinds, which are also perfect blind designs for bigger windows for a different look.

2. Choose Wood Blinds for a Modern Feel

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of white plastic blinds, you can always go for wood blinds instead. In addition, wooden blinds are also popular due to their sturdiness, so they’re your best bet if you want blinds that are both attractive and durable.

3. Composite Wood Shutters

If you prefer wood shutters but find them too pricy, you can go for composite shutters instead. Besides, these shutters are created to be long-lasting and still offer the same elegance that real wood shutters provide, making them a worthy choice for your home.

4. Choose a Roller Blind with Picturesque Art

If you don’t want to settle for solid colours or standard patterns, you can always select roller blinds that are custom printed and showcase a picturesque artwork once they’re rolled down. These roller blinds will surely create a marvellous display in your room and will display an incredible view that can compete with your beautiful outdoor scenery.

5. Colour-Coordinated Waterproof Bathroom Shutters

Your bathroom windows can also benefit from shutters. You can simply install waterproof ones so that they don’t deteriorate easily from exposure to water and moisture. In addition, to perfectly match these shutters with the aesthetics of your bathroom, you can match its colour accordingly to your bathroom wall tiles or flooring.

6. Cellular Blinds for a Unique Design and Added Functionality

Cellular blinds do more than just provide you with a unique design for blinds. After all, their honeycomb-like structure allows sunlight to enter while still functioning as a non-transparent blind. These blinds also come out with better coverage, so you can easily pick ones that offer you more privacy.

7. Provide Stylish Accents to Your Windows with Floral Roller Blinds

Another unique roller blind design you can add to your home are floral roller blinds. After all, these blinds can provide your room with a great pop of colour and designs, easily adding stylish accents to your windows.

8. Tier on Tier Shutter Designs for the Best of Both Worlds

These shutter types work well for those who want windows that let in enough daylight while also ensuring privacy. These shutters have divided panels, allowing you to open one panel and leave the other one closed. For instance, you can open the top panel during the daytime and keep the bottom one closed for privacy.

9. Solid Shutters Specifically Designed for Extra Privacy

These solid shutters work well for areas where you need that extra privacy. Unlike other shutter designs, solid shutters completely block off sunlight and the outside view, making them a perfect pick for spaces such as the bedroom.

10. Shaped Shutters for Your Custom-Shaped Windows

If you have custom-shaped windows in your home, it’s definitely an excellent opportunity to install shaped shutters there. Moreover, other than offering their usual functionalities, shaped shutters offer great appeal in your home and can even become an excellent focal point in your rooms.

Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Your Home

To put it in a nutshell, there are plenty of ways you can style your windows with blinds and shutters. Overall, with so many choices for picking bedroom blinds and bathroom shutters in Essex, you indeed won’t have a hard time finding the best picks for your home. And at the end of the day, choosing the best window companies for your home all boil down to your preferences.

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